Patients Should NEVER Be Alone

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Covid-19 has brought the world to a halt. Because of it, radical changes have been made when it comes to being with a loved one when they need medical care.

While the contagious and serious nature of Covid-19 cannot be ignored, it is believed that other illnesses cannot be either. Often people downplay symptoms or put off seeking medical care because of the knowledge that they will be left alone during care.  This is unacceptable. 

With proper screening and PPE, patients should be able to have a loved one by their side at ALL times. This petition seeks to make changes to this. All patients NEED someone.  Every day new, tragic stories are added to the many that have already happened.  Too many people have been left alone, and some have died. This can no longer be considered okay.

Saskatchewan, and Canada, let's stop this now. We need our loved ones and they need us. A change has to be made that allows access for loved ones, for ANY ILLNESS, to be with their loved one during their very scary time.