We demand that Scott Moe create an apolitical COVID19 response taskforce

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!

Health care professionals in Saskatchewan are pleading with the government to protect people from the spread of COVID19. The 2300 who did not sign that letter are working, they do not have time to spoon feed the Premiers job to them. Many of them are beginning to catch the virus. So are front line workers. Grocery clerks, cashiers, servers, bartenders, hosts. 

Confusing, illogical, and conflicting guidelines, and restrictions from our government has led to the virus spreading rapidly throughout Saskatchewan. 

We are in danger and the government thinks it will fix itself. This is gross negligence and it is costing people their health or worse, their lives.

Expectations of the Saskatchewan Government:

1. Create a COVID19 taskforce made up of health care professionals. 

2. This taskforce may contain ZERO politicians. 

3. Tracy Zombary will be apologized to publicly by Premier Scott Moe along with every other health care professional in Saskatchewan.

4. Limit group sizes to a maximum of 6 in restaurants. Groups larger than this endanger restaurant staff because they do not remain seated. This limit allows dine in to remain possible while keeping staff and patrons safe. 

5. Create specific guidelines for each "essential service" - restaurants, retail, and grocery need seperate mandates.

6. Pay for and provide signage for all established businesses. This is as simple as issuing a laminated restriction guide to each business for reference. If front-line workers are obligated to enforce the restrictions they need something substantial from the government backing them up.