Include Class Size & Composition in Saskatchewan Teachers' Contract Negotiations

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Our kids' teachers are some of the most important people in their little lives.

Teachers know better than anyone what's best for our kids' K-12 education - and overcrowded classrooms are NOT on that list. Teachers also deserve to work in an environment where both they (them? I dont know, ask a teacher) and their students are set up for success. Yet the Saskatchewan government and Minister of Education refuses to listen to their pleas for a better standard for everyone.

It's gotten to the point that the Saskatchewan government is offering teachers not just a salary bump, but a $1500 cash bonus, to walk away from the class size and composition fight.

To walk away from what's best for our kids. 

There is ZERO reason the Saskatchewan government cannot include classroom size & composition in its contract with teachers - it just won't. The government of Saskatchewan is happy to keep jamming our kids into overflowing classrooms because, in part, it doesn't have the money to accommodate a better solution. Think about that next time you save an extra two minutes to skirt Regina on a $1.2billion bypass.

If you love a K-12 child in Saskatchewan, or know someone who does, support the teachers who love them too and want what's best for everyone. We owe it to teachers to show them that we appreciate what they're fighting for, and we have their backs.