Petition for better hospital conditions at the cameco community renal health center

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This petition has been organized to bring to the attention of who it may concern with in  the Saskatchewan health authority, about the lack of basics here at the cameco community renal health  center across the street from saint Paul’s hospital in Saskatoon .  What is it going to take to change these conditions ? 

The tv’s haven’t worked in over 2 years 

The chairs are ripped/cracked and very uncomfortable (extremely unsanitary)

shortage of pillows and pillow cases  

No warm  blankets 

this may not seem like a big deal to you . But imagine being a dialysis patient sitting in uncomfortable chairs for 4 hours every other day for a total of 12 hours a week . With nothing to occupy your time.  Or a warm blanket to help feel comfortable and reduce anexity ..  

we are also wondering why the saint Paul’s hospital dialysis unit  has. working tv’s.          Warm blankets .  Better condition/comfortable chairs/beds, and no shortage of pilow’s/cases 

it’s 2018 it’s time for change .