Support your teachers, by helping them you are helping yourself

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In Saskatchewan and Ontario classrooms are oversized and Teachers don’t have the help they need nor the resources. If provincial governments continue to cut funding to education children in these places will no longer get an education. 
In my community we have enough teachers to fill 7-8 classes at most, with that being said we also have very oversized classroom which makes learning difficult because we don’t get as much one on one help from teachers. 
With all the budget cuts from education, teachers must step up and take on hours of extra work on their own time. Spending money from their own pockets to provide for their classrooms. 
With this petition I hope to gather the attention of both SK and ON governments to stop cutting funds to our futures and the futures of our children. I want to make teachers heard, get their needs and demands met. Our education and our futures depend on schools to provide us with the knowledge we need. How will we do that with no resources?