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Petitioning Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, Government of Saskatchewan Don Morgan and 3 others

Saskatchewan Government: Create a public registry of all buildings containing asbestos that includes schools, hospitals and seniors homes

Every year over 107,000 people die of exposure to asbestos around the world. It's maddening to think that once it's known that a building has asbestos in it, easy steps can be taken to protect workers and inhabitants, but that right now, most people in Saskatchewan are in the dark about whether they're exposed to asbestos.  People who live in buildings not knowing asbestos is there and construction workers renovating buildings can be exposed to this substance.  

The Saskatchewan Government has published a list of some government buildings containing asbestos, but not all.  Schools, senior care homes, hospitals, public and commercial building constructed up to 1980 contain asbestos and these buildings in particular are not included in the government registry.

Schools and hospitals and seniors homes should be first priority in figuring out if buildings have asbestos and making the information public!

The Legislature will be voting on this in March.  Sign our petition and tell Saskatchewan's MLAs that the Asbestos Registry MUST include schools, hospitals, seniors homes, public and commercial buildings.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, Government of Saskatchewan
    Don Morgan
  • Minister of Health, Government of Saskatchewan
    Dustin Duncan
  • Sponsor of Bill 604, MLA For Saskatoon Massey Place
    Cam Broten
  • Premier of Saskatchewan
    Brad Wall

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