Bring back extra-curricular activities for Saskatchewan students

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Lots of students volunteer for extracurricular activities like volleyball, basketball, and more. I don’t understand why the government isn’t letting us have fun. Many students look up to playing those activities which makes school much funner. WE NEED THESE BACK. Students like me are frustrated by this change. Other students are also depending on scholarships for their future because they think they have the skill and talent for the activity and that wouldn’t happen if extracurricular activities aren’t allowed. Their future is affected because the government wouldn’t let us do activities and you never know, one of Saskatchewan’s talented students might be the next Micheal Jordan. Also, teachers aren’t allowed to be in school 15 minutes before school hours and aren’t allowed to be in the school 15 min after?!! That’s ridiculous. Teachers might need time to prepare a class for something in the morning or need to finish correcting a test after school and 15 minutes isn’t enough time for any of those. The government has already taken so much from schools. Like reducing tens of millions of dollars from the whole province. Students can’t do their best learning with limited resources. I don’t know about others but I would really like to keep playing basketball and volleyball. So sign this petition to let our government know what WE want