Bring Back The Film Tax Credit in Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan's film tax credit was eliminated in 2012, causing many production companies and film crews to leave. Families, friends and neighbors had to make the hard decision to relearn something else and stay in the province or move out of province to find work. Thankfully some people stayed but we did lose a lot of very talented people and a tremendous amount of potential revenue for our province.

Numbers speak volumes. Look at the payoff on investment. The province’s Creative Sask. gave the film industry two million dollars through grants.  A study commissioned by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and Sask Film that was done in 2012 said the industry generated $44.5 million in economic spinoffs and created about 850 jobs when the tax credit was available. This clearly shows that there is no risk of financial loss having this tax credit available. All we have to do is look to B.C., Alberta and Manitoba all of which have tax credits instated and are thriving with the film industry bringing in millions of dollars and employing many people in the film industry as well as all industries associated with the spin offs. Recently many production companies are more than ever looking for new content, not just for movies, but series, documentaries ect for their streaming services. 

Now with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping people at home watching TV there will be a surge of filming needed to replenish content. Now more than ever our tax credit needs to be reinstated to attract production companies as well as assistance to existing companies in Saskatchewan to keep on producing in our province. 

Bringing back the tax credit is not just about giving people tax credit, it's about creating jobs! 

“Saskatchewan’s film employment tax credit began in 1998 — the same year the Alberta government backpedalled its disincentive. That province’s film industry had shrunk from $160 million to $12 million in two years.It didn’t take long to bounce back, though. In 2000, a $5.7-million government investment attracted $68 million in film production. The health of the Alberta film and television industry today, that’s a carbon copy of what could happen in Saskatchewan.”- Regina Leaderpost