Say NO to mandatory masks in Saskatchewan

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This is not anti mask or to say that decisions cannot be made by individuals to wear masks or even businesses to require them. Instead this is to tell our elected officials not to mandate masks from on high on the recommendation of the loud minority who believe masks will save us all. Province or city wide mandates leave little to no nuance and end up including areas where distancing is the more appropriate action to take. Common sense by the majority is a better long term solution than government mandates. Time for the silent majority of common sense thinkers to stand up to the most fearful and loudest members of our society who want to shame others and scare the government into making them feel safer. There are situations where masks are appropriate when you are unable to physically distance and that will be on a case by case basis. Vote for more freedom vs less. Vote for less government and bureaucracy vs more. California has had mandatory masks since mid June and it hasn’t seemed to change a thing as they are still a hot spot for Covid in the USA. Compare that to the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden with next to no mask usage and they are looking great Covid wise right now. Masks may not be the silver bullet here. Plus Saskatchewan has done well so far with the common sense approach and decision making based on information and on a situation by situation basis as opposed to more laws and fines etc. Help give our government the confidence to hold strong against the loud minority who love to bulldoze over the rest of our population.