SASHS ABM Strand Department, to implement annual tree planting for Grade 11 and 12 student

SASHS ABM Strand Department, to implement annual tree planting for Grade 11 and 12 student

June 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amy Dimabayao

   “Plant Trees and Save the Nature for the Future Generations” 

   On the recent months, there are news about the “Scientist Rebellion” where Peter Kalmus who went viral over his tearful protest on climate crisis.

     Scientist Rebellion – a global movement of Scientists who engage in civil disobedience to highlight the climate  crisis defined by Ethan Freedman, a climate report on who works on independent, New York, on their website.

      No matter what work, age, gender, physical appearance, or social status we have we are all affected on the climate crisis that we are facing;

     Everyone is responsible and accountable. These actions should wake us up from the slumber of ignorance and stop closing our eyes to the naked truth.

      So, as students’ second home, the leaders of the SASHS ABM Strand Department should implement an environmental advocates to help the climate prevention; The must step-one-feet-ahead and pave way to the students.

      Thus, we petition to have a program which is to implement Grade 11and 12 ABM Strand SASHS students to have an annual tree planting project.


·        The students will be educated and aware to the environmental situations.

·        Students will be nurtured on taking care of the nature and may be a young environmental advocacy.

·        This can become a tradition to pass down exclusively at SASHS of ABM Student and become a special symbol and bond to the whole strand.

                                 The ABM Department of the school can attract students and parents to enroll at SASHS because they teach their students a good deed, which is to plant trees for preservation of our nature.

                    The ABM Strand Department can find a lot to plant, with the help of the school and also the LGU.

If this will be implemented, those advantages can be obtained.


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Signatures: 14Next Goal: 25
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