Support for Live Events at Valley Axe

Support for Live Events at Valley Axe

March 8, 2021
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Sarnia City Council
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Started by Valley Axe

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To the Sarnia City Clerks’ Office and Sarnia City Council,

While we were disappointed with the outcome of City Council’s decision to deny the amended proposal for a reduced number of musical events mixed with non-musical events, we are nonetheless undeterred to find a solution that can accommodate both those desperate for an opportunity to take part in live events this coming summer, as well as the neighbouring community. 

I have heard the concerns of my neighbours and the Council. While we thought our amendments met the publicly stated demands of the nearby community, it proved to be insufficient and our arguments unconvincing. 

Those opposed to our proposal stated clearly that any noise from live music would be unacceptable. Not a reduced number of events, but zero events. With this in mind we submit that Valley Axe be awarded 5 noise bylaw exemptions for the following dates. 

May 22, June 19th, July 17th, August 21st, September 18th

These dates would be reserved for non-musical events, but would nonetheless require noise bylaw exemptions past 9pm due to requiring an amplifier for a microphone and spoken word. 

By eliminating the greatest noise creators from the events Valley Axe has addressed all concerns brought forward by the council. There would be no instruments present at the event, thus eliminating the disturbance the surrounding community finds disruptive to their lifestyle.

While the claim was made that awarding a noise bylaw exemption would affect local real estate value, that was not the case after the council awarded Valley Axe 2 noise bylaw exemptions for music events in 2018. Additionally there is no data whatsoever that any such claim would apply to intermittent non-music events.

It is Valley Axe’s stance that given the significant concessions other industries have been awarded by the city to best position them to continue generating revenue during unprecedented hurdles and restrictions, that the entertainment industry be given a modicum of leeway to exist in 2021. 

The outpouring of public support from citizens of Sarnia-Lambton since our denied request at the February council meeting has been significant, emphatic, and overwhelming. It is that support that has brought us back to the table with this new plan. After months of isolation, live events will be a much needed reprieve from the hardship of COVID restrictions. 

We implore the City of Sarnia to show some support for this industry. 



Bo Tait

Valley Axe


This petition made change with 1,807 supporters!

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