Bring Justice Against This Horrible Act of Cruelty Against Animals

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This person is horribly abusing animals, and publicly displaying his acts of extreme cruelty against voiceless innocent beings that can't fight back. He has uploaded videos of doing these cruel acts on several animals, some of which have been removed but some are still on the profile for everyone to see, displaying him heartlessly strangling a living, innocent kitten and throwing it around remorselessly.  

He's now mocking the child rape victim Zainab as well as the brutally massacred children of APS in 'memes'. Proof:


In case all the other links go down, here's another one with all the proof of videos and identities you can watch from:!AgeYvHHv5ETijkM2DORM9bz1NSEo



We FINALLY have the complete real identity of Saad Qureshi as well as his address, his ID, his phone numbers and other things. You can see it and share it from here:

His full name is Saad Naeem as we said earlier and he lives in Sargodha. Please share all this information with the Sargodha authorities, we finally have him!


Saad Qureshi also made a new profile which can be accessed here:

Proof in case he takes it down later:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has written an article about Saad Qureshi and his gang of criminals, raising important points not only on the animal abuse but also the cyber bullying aspect of it, as well as linking to the petition. You can read it here:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has written an article about Saad Qureshi and his gang of criminals and have raised valid points, as well as feature our petition! You can read it here:


Express Tribune has written an article about Saad Qureshi and his gang and have made a valid insight into the mind of the psycho, talking about what inspires the behavior within him and why he wont stop until the authorities take an action. You can read it here:



We've recently discovered that Saad Qureshi has a manifesto. In the video, he talks about how he considers women less than human and how every feminist should be treated as an oppressed minority and that they shouldn't have the right to go outside or fight for their rights and considers it a great service to Pakistan when he abuses and threatens them. A person with genuine evidence of brutal animal cruelty who has a nazi mentality and wants to eradicate women. This is the making of a serial killer and AUTHORITIES need to step in and stop him before he hurts or rapes anyone, he needs to be put behind the bars or mental health care. Please take an action before we have to see anyone get hurt or die. Here is the manifesto:


YouTube link:

Drive link:


They're not only just abusing animals but actually a part of a large toxic 'meme' circle in which they 'raid' women and harass, bully and abuse them as much as they can because they feel like any woman who speaks for herself or is a feminist deserves it. Saad Qureshi (Mohammad Bilal/Sed Qureshi in fake accounts) is usually their leader, while tons of other men help them out with it. Here's proof of the claims:



We finally have his actual name! It's called Muhammad Saad Naeem Qureshi and he's also made a new account now with his actual name because Sed got so many reports it has been postblocked.

Here's the link:


Proof in case he takes it all down:


General Updates:

More proof that Saad Qureshi murdered the cat and glorified doing so, as well as glorifying pedophilia at the same time:

He's a remorseless psycho who loves hurting living things and glorifies his horrible actions every moment of his life. He has to be stopped.



A new abuser has been surfaced and he has his name and pictures on his profile. He posted a video where he fed a cat to a couple of dogs while he hurls abuses towards the cat for amusement and his friend Mohammad Bilal shared it too. They have literally become a gang that abuses animals for fun now. Here's his profile and all the proof:

Graphic Video where he fed the cat to dogs:

Drive link:


His profile:

He made a new profile after deleting his old one:

Proof in case he takes it down, can even see he put it in his bio referencing to old account, including him admitting it's him and lying in private messages:


His images in case he takes them down:


Saad Qureshi (Mohammad Bilal/Sed Qureshi in fake accounts) is now pretending that he has killed himself and is sending some people a message saying he's his brother and his 'gang' is spreading it now trying to guilt trip people. Don't fall for that, he's alive and well. He's done similar drama last time too claiming he was jailed using fake news articles with his face poorly edited on them. Here's proof from TODAY where he told a mutual he didn't know is friends with me about his plan:

He's also now active on an alternate account here, completely proving he's alive and well:

More proof, his best friend himself if saying it all:

No surprise from him to do cheap tactics again in an attempt to avoid justice.


They've also created a support group since they're scared of justice now where they are trying to create counters to this petition and the voices that are being raised against them, such as support groups and other things. They know they're finally exposed and as scared as ever.



Alt link:


The person has released another video with animal abuse, where he's taught a young kid to torture the cat by holding it by it's leg and throwing it around, and another video where he's teaching the kid to slap a goat over and over. This person is absolutely sick, and is extending his sickness to young children.

There's another person who is now harming kittens who happens to be a friend of the first abuser, and now they're making videos to each other 'jokingly' challenging for more abuse inducing videos. I've updated the petition with proof for the new videos, as well as the identity of the new person.


Such abuse has been going on for too long and has been encouraged for generations in our country to no stop. But times have changed and legal action has been taken against animal cruelty before, so it's time the police takes action once more and bring justice to innocent, voiceless animals that come towards us for companionship, not heartless abuse. The person needs to be brought to justice, as he is not only abusing the animals but glorifying it and showing it to everyone publicly.


It'd help more if we tweeted the petition to Government officials of Pakistan, and particularly Sargodha. Here's some accounts you can tweet to for exposure:

Prime Minister of Pakistan:

Thank you.


Here's the link to the person's personal and 'meme' profiles where he shares his cruel acts, his real name is Muhammad Saad Naeem Qureshi:


The profile of his friend who is also abusing animals:


Note: He's taken all his pictures off his personal profile and is pretending it doesn't belong to him, but here's a screenshot of it before his changes where he has the pictures same as his 'meme' account and is even referring to it:

Alternate link for all the pics in case Drive isn't working:

Another proof you can use to compare the pictures that Mohammed Bilal is his real name and account:

Alternate link for all the pics in case Drive isn't working:


Here are the videos in question, be warned they're very cruel, in case the Drive links don't work simply watch on the YouTube ones:


Video 1:



Video 2:



Video 3:




Second abuser:





Here's a few images of him for identity from his profile:

Alternate link for all the pics in case Drive isn't working:

Please spread this enough so the government of Sargodha takes an action!

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