Justice for the two souls

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Respected Sir,

Assam and its six sisters have always lived in harmony, but due to some recent events one could not say the same. Starting this June, there were rumours on social media platforms like Facebook & WhatsApp about Child Lifters. Assam have seen situations like this before and this was enough to convince the people that there is an actual threat present in their neighborhood. This misconception also laid its roots in the district of Karbi Anglong and when on Friday Abhijit Nath and Nilutpal Das ventured near the Kathilangso waterfall on a trip, the locals attacked them on suspicion of being child lifters. They were beaten with sticks and the whole lynching was recorded to be shared on social media. These poor victims even pleaded to be Assamese but it was unheard beneath the whackings. What the mob did was inhumane. The culprits involved should be severely punished for what they have done. It's a tragedy that two souls had been lost due to mere fake news and rumors.

The government plays an important role in creating awareness among its people. To make sure this doesn't happen to anyone again, the government must take measures to create awareness where it can. This venture could be started by making a legitimate news source updated by the government (or any responsible authority) to raise awareness against threats that are real and as well as take action against the distribution of fake news in social media or any other platform with ample surveillance. This body must also take action against users who share fake news and rumors intentionally to create disturbance in the society.

As a person with authority, you have the power to make this change. We hope that under your jurisdiction punishment is given to the people associated with the lynching according to the law of this land and hail hope of a safer and truthful society. Please make sure that no one else in the future have to go through the same fate as these two innocent souls did.


The People of Assam