Let’s make a memorial to Solomon Northup in Saratoga Springs, NY!

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Saratoga Springs, New York is a city full of history. One of its residents, Solomon Northup, was born in 1808 to a freed slave and a loving mother. In 1834, Northup’s family moved to Saratoga Springs, where Northup gradually became a famous fiddler in the city. His life took a dramatic change when he was kidnapped in 1841 by two men who claimed to be hiring Northup to be a fiddler in their circus. These men were not entrepreneurs, but slavers, who quickly sold Solomon Northup into one of the greatest tragedies in American history, the slave system. During his time in slavery, Northup wrote a memoir that later became the famous novel, 12 Years A Slave. This book is one of the most important books ever written by an American. He was freed from this bondage in 1853. Northup’s slavers walked free, and never received any punishments. 

As of 2020, Solomon Northup is only commemorated by a small plaque near Congress Park. He is an important figure of our city’s history, and deserves to be ingrained in our collective consciousness. It is imperative that we as a city honor the people who helped tear down the vicious system that killed, raped and tormented millions of innocent people. While Northup never received justice from the Judicial System, we should give him justice in the only way that we can, with a monument. It will serve as a tool to educate the future of this city and honor Solomon Northup, a hero and a Saratogian.