Justice for Darrien Hunt - Reopen his case

Justice for Darrien Hunt - Reopen his case

June 6, 2020
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Started by Taylor Sweeney

Back in 2014, a young man named Darrien Hunt recently turned 22 years old when he was unjustly murdered for cosplaying an anime character. Hunt was carrying a $30 display sword that was purchased at a local Asian City store in the Saratoga Springs area.

For those who don't know Cosplaying is "costume play" dressing up as different characters from tv shows,movies, and even books.

He was chased then shot from behind 6 times by officers Cpl. Matthew Schauerhamer and Officer Nicholas Judson outside of a Panda Express parking lot in Saratoga Springs, Utah. State autopsy results reveal Hunt was not attacking. The evidence was caught on the restaurant’s cameras. 

His mother, Susan Hunt, said she had turned down a $900,000 offer to settle her wrongful death lawsuit against the city. Court records show the settlement proposal also included a gag order, barring her from commenting about the case. 

The Utah County Attorney's Office, however, ruled the shooting was justified, saying Schauerhamer and Judson felt their lives were threatened by Darrien Hunt.

Let’s get his case reopened and get justice for his family!

70 people signed today
Signatures: 943,395Next Goal: 1,000,000
70 people signed today
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