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Cease pursuance of biased action against law abiding gun owners

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We the undersigned, law abiding citizen gun owners and supporters of 2nd amendment respectfully urge you to cease consideration of biased and discriminatory actions against us in the banning of future gun shows from the city center. This petition is formed in opposition to one currently active on the same forum requesting a permanent end to gun shows in the City of Saratoga Springs using half-truths and misinformation in an attempt to gain support and sway your judgement by fear mongering. I urge you to consider the following points:
1- Firearms are transported constantly throughout the City of Saratoga Springs and surrounding area without crimes being committed. While most communities are interspersed with schools, parks, and other "gun free zones" (better known as "target rich environments" by those who seek to pursue criminal enterprise or do harm to others without resistance), the road ways adjoining these areas have no such restrictions and therefore passage on them constitutes no violation of criminal law. Vehicles containing firearms travel past these "gun free zones" thousands of times every day nationwide without incident.
2- If providing a police officer for such events causes to much financial strain on the city, perhaps they should approach the organizer to subsidize the cost of that patrol during times of the gun show. Better yet, let us attempt to reduce the financial burden upon area emergency services in the area by addressing activities that cause a more frequent and substantial drain on personnel and finances such as the weekly fight club/drinking party known as Caroline Street, or the overfilled concerts at Saratoga Performing Arts Centers.
3- It is reported that stolen goods were sold at a previous gun show. The stolen property was not in fact firearms, ammunition or weapons of any type as the author of the other petition has eluded too but military equipment consisting of backpacks, rucksacks, hydration systems and vests. The equipment was allegedly stolen from a government facility by a third party who sold it to the gun show vendor without the vendors knowledge of the origins. The vendor reportedly cooperated fully with police investigation. End of the story. A similar thing can occur to anybody who makes a purchase of second hand property, unfortunately it occurred to a otherwise reputable vendor who was selling goods at the local gun show and therefore became an interest to the liberal media and those who seek to stop the gun show.
4- The only message that banning such an event could impress upon others about the City of Saratoga Springs is that makes poor decisions based on misinformation. Please keep in mind that it is estimated that over 40% of households in the United States own a firearm (this statistic would include the City of Saratoga Springs, your not exempt), that's 40% of your friends, family and neighbors, whether you know it or not. I hope you will consider this when making decisions.
If the city of Saratoga Springs wishes to make itself safer, lets consider the possibility of sponsoring gun safety classes, not just for adults, but to teach our youth what to do should they encounter a gun. Lets seek to extend better care and assistance to those who suffer mental illness, or how about we take a look at bullying in our schools. Knee jerk reactions and the passing of unenforceable legislation, or pouring money into ineffective public service announcement campaigns obviously isn't working. Lets make our communities known for actually accomplishing something through useful through cooperation and thoughtful input from both sides to hopefully reach an amicable agreement for all on how we deal with this.
I would also urge all gun owners and 2nd amendment supporters to closely watch how the powers that be handle this situation and consider where your money goes. Remember, the City of Saratoga Springs is only 10-20 minutes away from many other centers for commerce, should the city and the city center show prejudice against us I urge all to take you business to other communities who do not.

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