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Saratoga Springs City Center Authority: Immediately Ban All Gun Shows at the Saratoga Springs City Center

We, the undersigned residents of Saratoga Springs and the surrounding communities, respectfully request that the Saratoga Springs City Center Authority immediately ban all gun shows from being held at the City Center for the following reasons:
1. it encourages the transport and carrying of firearms for public sale through a peaceful, pedestrian friendly downtown area coincidentally interspersed by gun free safe zones due to all of the schools in the nearby area (possession within such area is now a Class E Felony);
2. it drains the City of Saratoga Springs’ public safety resources for the benefit of this promoter and private firearms sellers because the State of New York Attorney General requires that this promoter request that public law enforcement officers patrol the parking lots to prevent guns from being sold outside in those lots which occurred during a gun show in August 2011;
3. the gun show promoter is unable to control the extent to which illegal activity is associated with his gun shows as demonstrated by the fact that there were stolen items being sold by one of the vendors at the January 2013 gun show;
4. it sends the wrong message about our community when the city profits from the sale of guns, especially during a time when tax payers are assuming the additional burden of paying for security in our schools and public institutions; and
5. it contributes to an atmosphere of a gun/ammunition buying/selling frenzy ahead of, and in the wake of, state and federal legislation designed to enact common sense gun control laws.

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