Keep the 'Unconditional Surrender' statue on Sarasota's Bay-front

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The landmark and iconic statue Unconditional Surrender has been on the City of Sarasota's Bay front for 10 years. It has become a symbol of the City's history in WWII. Unconditional Surrender was purchased by WWII Navy Veteran Jack Curran. His wish was to have it remain on the Sarasota Bay front forever.

This statue has major support from veterans and veterans organizations in the Florida counties of Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte. It represents one of America's greatest achievement, VJ Day. 

The sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square deserves its place on the bay front. It is a real moment in history that we must never, ever forget. The love of our country, the symbol of American military might in the form of the sailor and the dedication of the nurse are unforgettable to America's Greatest Generation and all generations that have followed. Without the bravery of our WWII veterans we would not be what we are today - The Greatest Nation on the earth, bar none!

Please sign this petition to Keep Unconditional Surrender on the city of Sarasota, Florida bay front. It is the right thing to do.

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