Public Access to the Beach Shoreline along Shell Road Beach

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The owners of the property on the south corner at the end of N Shell Rd and the beach have put heavy rocks and concrete along their property down to the water, put up posts, very intimidating private property signs, and ropes down to the water and put in stakes where they claim the Mean High Water Line is, all to impede access to the coastline to the public. These are all clearly well within the "wet sand" area of the beach that is guaranteed access to the public in the Florida state constitution.

We demand that the signs be removed and that the ropes, posts, stakes, rocks and concrete in the "wet sand" area be removed to allow access to the public.

They have also put rocks and wood on either end of the parking area in front of their home that are inside of the ropes that the county installed to mark off that parking area, so as to limit how many cars can park there. These need to be removed.

Many of the members of the public affected by these barriers have been coming to this beach for decades, and even generations. The access #1 public beach is very small, and access to the continuing shoreline is necessary to accommodate the number of people, including families with children, who want to enjoy this wonderful gift to us all.