HARVEY AYERS MUST BE FIRED, Ex-Police Officer, sordid history! A BULLY of the worst sort!

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S. C. Paizes
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Please sign this petition.  Sarasota County, Florida code enforcement officer Harvey Ayers should never have been hired by the County. It is the responsibility of us, the people, to ensure that we are protected from government employees who do not abuse citizens or their authority. Harvey Ayers is just the type of person we must petition the local government to remove from his position.

Sarasota County building code investigator Harvey Ayers started his career as a jail guard in Desoto County, Florida, where he was accused of beating inmates. He moved on to become a Desoto County Sheriff's Deputy where he was investigated for RAPE, shooting a mentally Ill elderly gentleman, and was disciplined for losing his firearm that likely made its way into the hands of a criminal. He resigned his position and found employment as a Punta Gorda Police officer.

While with the Punta Gorda PD he was the subject of nearly 40 internal affairs investigations for a variety of policy violations including untruthfulness, conduct unbecoming an officer, civil rights abuses, engaging in sexual activities while on duty as police officer, watching pornography in a police cruiser with a female, and mishandling evidence. The former Punta Gorda chief of police fired Ayers because his indiscretions were too voluminous and outrageous to ignore.

Ayers' character is immoral. He has admitted to calling a young boy with downs syndrome a "retard" and tried to justify his behavior. He has been sued multiple times. Wherever he goes trouble follows.

Perhaps most alarming is the fact that Ayers' superiors and the Sarasota County Commissioners are all aware of his history and how he continues his dishonest, manipulative and abusive ways, yet they do nothing. The question needs to he asked, how did a man with such a sordid history and questionable character ever get hired in this county?

To learn more, and view documents detailing Ayers' history, visit harveyayers.com. It is our goal to obtain enough signatures to petition the Sarasota County Commissioners to fire Harvey Ayers and protect the community from him.  

Please sign the petition.


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