Reinstate Long Breaks Between SCS Exams

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Consistently, the school administration has made decisions that the student body does not benefit from. Now, for reasons unknown, the administration has decided to eliminate hour breaks between exams and instead has instated 15 minute breaks between exams as well as cropping the overall exam time.

Students are forced to take three subsequent exams with only 15 minute breaks. This is not advantageous to the students, and here is why:

1. Students need time to relax their brains. 15 minutes is not long enough, and students brains will be fried. This might relay into lower exam scores.

2. Students do not have enough time to study in between exams. Many students rely on breaks in between exams since the week is so jam-packed with exams. Studying has been proven to be advantageous to exam results. 

3. It is inestimably unfair to students that we are given only three hours to preform our bests and wield the best results possible in exams that partly determine our college merits.

4. An hour and fifteen minutes is not enough time to impart the knowledge we have learned over a span of several months. We have always been given up to two hours to complete exams; some students depend upon this extension of time to ensure their best results.

5. Students should be able to leave campus upon completing their exams if they have provided a permission slip and act in accordance with SCS rules, including showing respect to our surroundings. 

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