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BPAC to be shut tomorrow (12/12/17)due to bad weather conditions

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As many people know bpac is not a rich school and does not have the funding to put or have the heatings on during school hours. In our classrooms they are freezing cold and we are not allowed to wear coats, scarfs etc  during class to keep us warm (even though teachers can), meaning our concentration levels are down because we’re so cold! Having bpac shut will impact bpac students hugely as many have to walk and are under the danger hazards such as slipping into the road or even being run over by a car if one was to lose control from the icy roads. Many people’s parents also will not leave there homes in this icy weather such as my mum because of the fear of being in an accident or getting stuck somewhere. There are also not many buses running due to the icy roads and the buses that are running are not every 10 minutes like they’d usually be meaning many people will be late to school and have noways of getting to school. we hope you listen to our requests and take them into consideration

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