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Cornwall Rejects the Conservatives & DUP 'Confidence Agreement'

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We, your constituents, write to express our opposition to the Government’s plan to enter into a ‘confidence agreement’ with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.

This letter and petition is brought to you by a group of your constituents with views across the breadth of the political spectrum, who have been brought together by their utter disgust at this proposed agreement.

The current political situation in Northern Ireland is tenuous, with talks only resuming this week to restore the power sharing agreement which broke down earlier this year. Under the terms of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, the UK Government is expected to display ‘rigorous impartiality’ at all times in relation to the political system in Northern Ireland. Entering into any agreement with the DUP would be a clear contravention of this and risks a sudden and severe return to the violence and terrorist activities of decades past.

The DUP are well known for their connections to the UDA, a known terrorist organisation who have committed numerous murders and other violent attacks. The hypocrisy of our government, who recently declared ‘Enough is enough’ in terms of terrorist activities in this country, to knowingly enter into an agreement with a terrorist linked organisation is astounding.

The DUP are a staunchly right-wing political party whose stance on LGBT issues and their refusal to support equal marriage rights, their support of prison terms for women seeking abortions and their views on climate change and creationism put them strongly at odds with the British Government and the people of the United Kingdom.

We urge you, as our elected representative, to voice the concerns of your constituents in Parliament and oppose any agreement with the DUP.

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