Make Mrs. Quinn accept late work

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If Mrs. Quinn accepted late work, my grades would drastically improve. My current grade in English 7 right now is a 28% which is unacceptable. The reason my grade in English 7 is so low is because Mrs.Quinn does not accept late work. My friend Ashlyn's mom emailed Mrs. Quinn about this & she did not reply. One day, I was absent because I had an eye doctor's appointment, there happened to be a quiz on that day but nobody informed me. I found out that it was missing so I tried asking Mrs. Quinn but she yelled at me and said she wasn't playing this game. She said she would let me redo it so eventually I did. However today I got mail which said Mrs. Quinn left a private comment on my quiz saying Eric, this is a month late. I am not changing the grade. You need to do it when it's assigned.
This is completely unfair. She gave me a 28% and I am trying to bring it back up. Most teachers @ Acadia Middle School accept late work, why can't she? If she accepts late work, like most teachers, I will not have to go to summer school, or I won't possibly have to retake 7th grade. Mrs. Quinn is not grading properly, & this needs to be corrected. This strongly affects my grade, and it is really hard to do work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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