Award Disability Living Allowance for Life for Life-Long Disabilities!

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Award Disability Living Allowance for Life for Life-Long Disabilities!

Our eldest son, Aidan is almost 12, he has brain damage affecting the entire left hemisphere of his brain and frontal lobe.  This damage has resulted in cerebral palsy, eplispesy, sensory processing disorder, severe learning disability, behavioural issues and a sleep disorder.

For the third time in nine years I have had to apply for Disability Living Allowance for him.  This money is used to support his needs, specialist clubs, aids he requires etc. 

The forms are extensive (48 pages long!) requiring you as his parent to detail every single aspect of care required, focusing completely on what the child cannot do.  It is soul destroying.

You have to go through thus heart-wrenching, time consuming process every three years!

Aidan, like many children with disabilities, is never going to ‘get better’, his brain damage won’t miraculously heal.  For parents completely these forms, amongst the extremely demanding day to day care of our wonderful child causes unnecessary stress, anxiety and trauma.

We would like the law to be changed that for conditions such as brain damage, genetic disorders etc where the prognosis is that the child will not ‘recover’, for Disability Living Allowance to be awarded for life.

This little change would save parents pain, stress and time - and help to end unnecessary bureaucracy.

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