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I am sick, very very sick. Last night I couldn't even have a drink for it coming back up. Two years ago a gp caused this problem. For weeks I'd been vomiting but suddenly it changed to vomiting faeces, it was vile. My bowel had been damaged before but he took no heed of our warnings and sent me away with an ultra powerful enema to ''clear" my bowel! It cleared it ok. It was the worst thing he could've given me, it sent my bowel into overdrive and it exploded. Many doctors i have seen since have winced when they heard what he did and explained that it was the worst decision for me and I should be been sent to hospital immediately but I was his last patient of the day, booked in as an urgent! Clearly he did not have the time to treat me correctly. It ruptured my large bowel in so many places i no longer have a large bowel, and we were warned, your bowel is so damaged now that it's not a case of if this happens again, more that it most certainly WILL. I have started vomiting faeces again, I am having melena bleeds, I am in constant agonising obstruction as diagnosed by a consultant at the hospital. Except now I have a leaking aorta, enlarged heart, painful fluid retention which stops me walking, asthma with regular pneumonia, endometriosis stage 4, tachycardia, early indications of heart failure and a cardiac tampanade. Plus with these BOTH being fatal if they rupture, I am existing with not just one but two time bombs in my chest and abdomen and if they rupture I've been told I'm likely to die this time. Now this is the real problem - NOBODY will operate to remove this sub acute bowel obstruction as the last op took 10 hours and was apparently horrendous. The only way to remove a bowel obstruction is surgery. If nobody operates i WILL die. I live in Cornwall with only one surgical and icu hospital and the surgeons are ALL too frightened of me to operate so they appear happy to leave me to die and ignore me and pass me from pillar to post. I am 44, just turned, I want to finish my last studies to hopefully get the job I've always wanted, working with the home defence to fight terrorism, but I can't work until this is fixed due to the risk, vomiting, diaorreah, and agonising pain that is impossible to tell whether it's actually my bowel finally falling apart. NOBODY will employ me. Surely after working all my life and paying my national insurance i should be allowed some help but I get none, they just give me sedatives to get through the worst of the pain. Please help me live, please help me find a surgeon brave enough to save my life. I want to stop home grown terrorists, I have had so much training and higher education and I am teeming with knowledge but can't get the job for the risk. It is so wrong to have only one hospital for an entire county that swells to 4 times it's normal population in summer. Right now, there are NO spare beds in our hospital which is already under a warning. England's Chief Inspector of Hospitals has recommended that Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust should be placed into special measures after its latest inspection by the Care Quality Commission. It is failing in so many measures that I'm now left to die at 44 years old. No wonder our life spans are creeping slowly to a stop. Please help me? I don't want anyone to suffer the pain, embarrassment and existence the Royal Cornwall Hospital has left me in.