Ban the TAE40116 for part time TAFE Teachers.

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Part-time teachers employed by TAFE NSW are required to hold the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, regardless of how few hours they may actually teach per week.

Take my situation as an example. I have taught in TAFE for more than 40 years. I hold a Diploma in Teaching and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (2010). I was the Head Teacher of the Creative Industries Faculty for 20 years. Now retired from my full-time position I currently teach one class for 3 hours per week.  As of the 1 July, 2019 I am no longer "qualified" to continue teaching my class.

I have been studying on-line to complete the upgrade course since March of this year. After around 60 hours of assignment writing I am only about one third of my way through the course. These courses are run by private providers and cost thousands of dollars. Recognition of prior learning is almost impossible to get.

Some of the most talented industry leaders simply will not work for TAFE NSW as the Certificate IV is such a massive deterrent. University lecturers do not have to complete a comparable teaching qualification.

So what's the alternative? Simple - all part-time teachers would be placed under the supervision of a teacher who has that qualification.