Stop Dead Naming Your Students

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Sarah Lawrence College has refused to let students use their preferred name on school records / for the school email on the basis of 'legal obligations'. Using someone's proper name is not and should not be a 'legal' matter. Here is why:

  1. Many students do not have the funds / resources to change their name legally.
  2. Many students do not wish to out themselves to their families/ friends in order to change their name legally, as that may put them in immediate danger.
  3. Misnaming, or 'dead naming' someone is a microagression against their identity, and should not be perpetuated by administrations like Sarah Lawrence college. It is traumatic, and damaging to an individual's psyche to hear their dead name being used, especially during the first weeks at their new school.

Please sign this petition to let SLC know that the class of 2021 will not stand for systemic microagression, and that the administration should change their system to fit the 21st century standards, and uphold the insitution's 'progressive' values. 


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