Officeworks - Please reduce your landfill - Choose compostable satchels over more plastic!

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The problem:

Officeworks currently offers an in house postal service called 'Mailman'. It runs off a self serve style, flat rate parcel system. It's innovative and effective - but also features satchels made of plastic. Many consumers would love to use this service but are turned off doing so by the single use plastic. Individuals and businesses Australia wide are becoming more conscious of the plastic we consume and the amount of waste we are contributing to landfill.

Officeworks is a company obsessed with recycling - which is a great thing. BUT, we are in the midst of a recycling crisis. We can't just keep making waste and 'recycle our way out'. Officeworks handles paper a lot, and recycled paper is great - but when it comes to plastic, let's be really clear: RECYCLING PLASTIC DOES NOT STOP IT FROM ENTERING LANDFILL. Plastic generally can't be 'recycled' - only 'downcycled', meaning it can only ever be melted down into a cruder version of plastic than it already is. After one reuse, possibly a few more if you're lucky - the plastic still generally ends up in landfill. Officeworks plastic mailman satchels are a soft plastic.


So what do we want?

We want officeworks to introduce compostable satchels. This is totally achievable - and currently Officeworks is in the process of redesigning their packaging, so it is the perfect time for them to step up and lead this innovative change. Consumers want this change. We want less plastic. I have put them in contact with an organisation who would be able to provide large scale compostable packaging which could break down when buried or home composted. This would effectively reduce the amount of Officeworks satchels ending up in landfill almost entirely - any that did, would simply break down in a matter of weeks - rather than hundreds of years. Officeworks claims to embrace and care about sustainability - We want you to wholeheartedly demonstrate the eco thoughtfulness that you claim to represent.

We want this change. We want alternatives to plastic. We want compostable packaging. It's time.

Officeworks - please consider replacing your plastic (or partially recycled plastic) satchels with compostable satchels. Please empower your customers to choose your service as a truly sustainable option. 

At the least, consider even adding compostable satchels as an alternative so customers could choose this wherever possible. The majority of customers want sustainable options. Please step up officeworks 


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