Sarah talk to Caroline

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On January 4th, Caroline Danaher, 76, of Ocean Grove, Victoria, decided to visit the office of her member for parliament, Sarah Henderson. It was 44 degrees outside but that didn't stop Caroline from sitting outside Sarah's office for the better part of the day. Caroline was inspired by Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teenager who has been striking outside the Swedish Parliament since October, 2018 to draw attention to the unfolding climate emergency.

Since January 4th, Caroline has visited Sarah's office each Friday. Each week she brings a handwritten letter asking for a chance to express her concerns about the climate emergency to Sarah, as one of her constituents. Although Sarah has given Caroline an impromptu meeting, she used that time to tell Caroline all the things the LNP are doing right. Sarah has not allowed for formal meeting where she could listen to Caroline's concerns . Sarah was elected to listen and speak up for her constituents, but with the Federal election approaching it's becoming clear she plans on ignoring at least one of them. Please sign the petition and let Sarah know she should talk to Caroline!