Sarah Hanson Young owes Pauline Hanson an apology for her disgraceful comment.

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When Sarah Hanson Young stepped up on behalf of the Greens to comment on Pauline Hanson's appeal to invite discussion about how best to meet the needs of all students in our classrooms, SHY was barely able to stop her lip from curling up in disgust. Of course it was too much to ask for SHY to intelligently and truthfully discuss what Pauline was proposing. As expected she ignored what was actually said and made up her own evil, distorted interpretation because that's how she plays politics. By far the most appalling part of SHY's vitriolic spray was when she questioned Pauline Hanson's ability as a mother. Now we all know SHY can be a nasty piece of work but this was going too far. It was a personal attack that was cruel and unnecessary and had the potential to hurt Pauline Hansons' children who do not deserve to be dragged in to this. I am sick and tired of SHY constantly dishing out personal insults and slandering people in order to prevent any discussion or debate. This is not the sort of politics we want in this country and I believe she owes Pauline Hanson an apology. Please support this petition by signing if you agree. I have posted a link below where you can see the performance of SHY.