Sarah Hanson Young must resign, for stating "men behave like morons and pigs"

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"Men behave like morons and pigs and can't control ouselves"

Sarah learn to control yourself, especially when driving past Red Rooster or KFC for the family feast.

Completely unacceptable statement.  An apology does not even cut it.

Please sign to demand, Sarah Hanson young, resigns from Government, after her disgusting generalised remarks about Men.


Men have 3 times the suicide rate than Women.

Women are the backbone of our society, and leaders.

Please sign for your sister or brother.

Equality for everyone.  Sarah out the door with her toxic rubbish.


Resign now.

Effective immediately.


Please share to all good people you know / social media / Facebook etc..


We do not need toxic people like this Woman in Parliament.