Amend Idaho's Slow Down Move Over Law to include Tow Operators, DOT, the Stranded Motorist

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Idaho's Slow Down Move Over Laws are out of date and do not offer protection to many of our Incident Response Workers who work in some of the worst weather and road conditions, risking their lives to clear our roadways and keep us safe. These are our Tow Truck Operators, our Transportation workers, our utility workers - our friends, our family members, and our neighbors.

Simply doing their jobs shouldn't be a life risking venture, yet it is. They are often working our freeways and highways, trying to do their job, while vehicles race passed them at speeds of up to 80 MPH!

Idaho drivers need to know -  when they see flashing lights ahead on the road way to SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER. This simple maneuver saves lives

Idaho's Incident Response Workers deserve a safe work zone so they can get their jobs done and go home to their families. 

We need to amend Idaho Code 49-624 to include:

Tow Trucks displaying flashing lights,

Transportation Worker Vehicles displaying flashing lights, and the

Stranded Motorist with a flat tire on the side of the road, displaying their emergency lights.

A staggering 60% of all fatal strike by's nationally are Tow Truck Operators!

This is why the Idaho Towing Association is making this a TOP PRIORITY to take this amendment to the Idaho Legislature THIS SESSION! This can't wait. We need to protect Idaho's Incident Response Workers NOW! 

Please support this amendment to protect Idaho's Incident Responders.