Reject proposal for 24,000 capacity chicken farm in Llangollen

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A site of this size would have a massively negative impact on Llangollen and its surrounding areas, including negatively affecting the environment, wildlife and biodiversity. An enormous farm complex such as this will also create much more noise, whilst also being an eyesore in such a beautiful area. As a country, this would be a huge step backwards in terms of tackling climate change and for the welfare of animals.

Having rescued egg laying chickens for over three years now, I have seen first hand how poor conditions can affect a chickens welfare, they are actually very intelligent animals. Male chicks are also culled on egg laying farms, whilst the hens themselves are killed after their egg laying production declines (around 72 weeks). 

We need to stop this now, before the plans get authorised. Please sign this petition, and together we can make a difference, not only for the area of Llangollen, but also for the wider issues of climate change and animal welfare.