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Social services took my children from an innocent family pls sign to help bring them home

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Being a mother is the best job in the whole world, i was a proud parent,we were a happy loving family me n my children...Until sept 2015 my children were cruelly removed from my care due to lies n allegations by social services...Ive been fighting social services,since that day n i wil til the day i die...All my children,all want to return home back to there loving caring mother, they all say this constantly in front of myself n social services are mentally n emotionally abusing and brainwashing my children. At contact visits they are all crying and screaming wanting to come home to their "mummy", holding me tightly not wanting to let go,social workers then pull my children off me while there screaming n crying..Heartbroken faces n Heartbreaking seeing children are being neglected n abused in the care system,social services put them all in danger at first,the carers they are staying with now, have force fed my sons,pushed n bruised my son, shouting at them,not feeding them properly thats why 2 of my boys have lost so much weight,the carers say nasty stuff to my children about me, neglecting them,mentally n emotionally abusing them,the list goes on n on... My oldest boy is constantly self harming himself since he left my care,my 2 boys are stealing food from school,both getting detention,cos they are not getting fed properly, they say this in school n contact visits all they get is a sandwich everyday...absolutely disgusting.. While in my care none of this happened, they were well looked aftr, fed properly, bathed, clean n tidy, nurtured and was always fit and healthy... I taught all my children to walk, talk, good manners n many more just like a proud mum would do...Holidays twice a year, days out n loads of activities...I have 15 years experience of being a mother.... Social services have destroyed my entire world, my life n my childrens lives, they've lied n twisted things around to make them look good, made allegations against me n so did my daughter... Everyone in my hometown knows im innocent n shocked by the lies n allegations ive been accused of things ive never even done,smoking cigarettes, drugs n alcohol..i did tests n proved it, all clear... My children was never abused nor neglected, they were all safe living wiv me... For 15 yrs n never had any problems before that day... Jealousy, lies n allegations is what caused this n splitting up my perfect beautiful family...By my daughter n social services, my daughter cant return home til 18, she lied about alot n got a guilty conscience now knowing what she has done wrong... Baby c has been forced adoption hes just turned 1... My other boys are up for adoption....forced adoption... Social services hold everything n anything against you like my learning disability that no one knew about until april 2016, my mental health depression on which ss caused, my past n my palsy which ive suffered wiv since i were a little girl..none of these has stopped me being a mother before, this is an act of more than devastated at the loss of my children as it was through no fault of my own...I was always what a mother should be loving, caring, kind, gentle, helpful, committed,strong, courageous n enthusiastic... My children were safe n secure always healthy n happy... All i want is MY children back home to there loving mother where they all belong... 

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