A Commitment to Social Justice at SAR High School

A Commitment to Social Justice at SAR High School

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Meredith Grossman
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Rabbi Harcstzark and Rabbi Kroll,

In the last week and a half, our eyes have been opened, wider than ever before, to the systemic racism that continues to exist in our country. 

You have supported our fellow citizens and the school’s commitment to אהבת הזולת by addressing racism in your assembly, history classes, and Gemara classes.

The undersigned are SAR High School students, alumni, faculty, and families imploring you to broaden this conversation and take further steps towards authentic, meaningful allyship.  

We ask that you commit to implementing the following programming throughout the SAR school year:

  1. In history classes, not only teaching black history, but current black issues (such as mass incarceration, police brutality, and lack of public and private investment in minority neighborhoods). In English classes, select books that open students' eyes to the wide range of perspectives of people of color both in classic texts and contemporary works. 
  2. Holding workshops, small group discussions that help students develop both an awareness of and a fluency, in topics related to racial privilege, challenging each learner to move beyond their comfort levels and equip them with the tools necessary to be effective advocates for change. Many SAR High School students are only first encountering these terms in college, missing out on the opportunity to discuss these issues in a Jewish context utilizing the framework SAR has created for exploring these very types of questions. The discussions should bring awareness to implicit and explicit biases and encourage students to understand how their privilege and biases affect their lives and the lives of those around them.
  3. Hosting three speakers, annually, who are either Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color. Both Jewish and non-Jewish perspectives should be included. The speakers should reflect the broad diversity that exists within communities of color.
  4. Mandating that parents of SARHS students attend a biannual training, virtually or in-person, on how to speak with teens about white privilege and racism.
  5. Committing to social justice when leaving the campus for volunteer opportunities, choosing organizations that are led by activists within the communities we wish to give back to while engaging the world with humility and openness to God’s creations.  

As supporters of SAR’s mission to empower students to make meaningful choices and grow into responsible citizens who embody courage, integrity, and concern, we hope we can count on you to see that anti-racist education is Jewish education.

Thank you,