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Chain Reaction is a 26 foot high sculpture in the shape of an atomic mushroom cloud located in the city it iof Santa Monica. It was designed and built by the late, three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Pauld Conrad and gifted to the City in 1991. The City of Santa Monica is prepared to remove this historic landmark unless $400,000. for restoration and upkeep are raised by the residents of Santa Monica by February 1st, 2014.

We (The Committee to Save Chain Reaction) believe it would be a travesty to remove this sculpture from its prominent location, directly across from the Rand Corporation, near Main Street in Santa Monica simply because the City of Santa Monica cannot afford its upkeep. Not only is it a critical part of Paul Conrad's legacy, it is the only monument to and reminder of the devastation caused by atomic bombs that we know of in West Los Angeles. At the base of the sculpture is a plaque designed by Paul Conrad which reads "This is a statement of peace, may it never become an epitaph." We strongly believe in Conrad's statement and do not want his vision of peace to be removed and forgotten.

A community of artists, business owners, Santa Monica residents and peace activists worldwide are working to preserve Paul Conrad's Chain Reaction. Please be a part of our commitment to educate future generations about the dangers of nuclear war, spread a message of peace and preserve an historical landmark and valued piece of art in our community. Sign our petition and let the City of Santa Monica know that whether or not their impossible figure of $400,000. is raised, we need to keep Paul Conrad's vision of peace alive and standing.





Letter to
Santa Monica City Council Kevin McKeown
Santa Monica City Council Ted Winterer
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Santa Monica City Council Gleam Davis
Santa Monica City Council Robert Holbrook
Santa Monica City Council Tony Vazquez
Mayor / Santa Monica City Council Pam O'Connor
Mayor Pro Tempore / Santa Monica City Council Terry O'Day
The residents of the City of Santa Monica and friends worldwide want you to know that we support the restoration and preservation of Paul Conrad's public landmark "Chain Reaction". We will not stand blindly by while this monument to peace is removed.