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Petitioning Santa Monica City Council Ted Winterer and 7 others

Save Bergamot Station Arts Center from Overdevelopment


Bergamot Station Arts Center, the hub of L.A.'s thriving art scene, opened in 1994 with eighteen art galleries, eight architecture and design firms, a café and artist studios. Today, the site is home to the largest concentration of galleries in the western United States, an auction house, highly regarded non-profit organizations, a museum, a theater, and a writing institution now in its 25th year.

As we prepare to celebrate our 20th year this September, it is our aim to protect what has taken decades to establish and to preserve one of Santa Monica’s greatest cultural resources. If the City of Santa Monica proceeds with
 development plans as they currently exist, Bergamot Station will be destroyed. In serious jeopardy are dozens of business owners, hundreds of employees, and an endless number of artists and their families whose livelihoods depend on art galleries. 

We need your support in our effort to save Bergamot Station from overdevelopment. We do not want another shopping mall to replace this unique and historic complex, which has thrived against all odds for two decades while providing exceptional 
arts programming and community service. We, as over 40 art galleries and cultural businesses, respectfully cannot support Santa Monica's current RFP (Request for Proposals) and plan for re-development. It threatens the heart and soul of Bergamot Station as we know it. 

Please help us preserve our beloved community of galleries and arts related businesses by signing this petition to request that City of Santa Monica Officials cease plans for redevelopment until the survival of the core tenants of Bergamot Station is ensured and to let them know we want to preserve this important Santa Monica landmark for generations to come.

Thank You,

Bergamot Station Gallery Cultural Association

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Santa Monica City Council Ted Winterer
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Santa Monica City Council Terry O'Day
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Santa Monica City Council Pam O'Connor
Santa Monica City Council and Arts Commission
Kevin McKeown
The residents of the City of Santa Monica and friends worldwide want you to know that we support the preservation of the largest art gallery complex on the West Coast, Bergamot Station Arts Center. We will not permit this landmark to be destroyed by overdevelopment.