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UBC: Stop penalising parents who bring their kids to play sports at UBC.

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For the past 5 years I have brought my two daughters out to UBC to play sports: Soccer, Field Hockey, Track and Field, Cross Country. UBC has great facilities and I have been told that UBC wants to encourage local families to use them.

However, there is a parking issue at UBC. We bring our kids to play sports at evenings and weekends, and have to pay for parking, even though it is outside the normal hours of the University. That might be okay, except that UBC parking enforcement staff clearly target the parents who bring their kids to sports. Parking officers turn up on the hour, when sporting events have just ended and ticket dozens of cars as soon as their period of parking has expired (generally one hour, as the sports are often a one hour event) even though it is clear the parents have paid for parking and are about to leave.

- We have to get our kids onto the field.

- We have to get them off again and back to the vehicle.

- Sometimes sporting events overrun slightly.

This problem has been going on for at least 4 years. I complained about it 4 years ago and received an apology from the Director of Parking and Access Control Services, and a refund. However I have heard from multiple parents that this problem continues today.

If UBC wishes to encourage kids sports at UBC, why do they treat the parents like this?

Is UBC so cash-strapped that they need to raise money by penalising parents who wish to encourage their kids to play sports?

If UBC wants to encourage local families to use the facilities on evenings and weekends, why is parking not free?

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