Petition update

VICTORY! The ban was voted down

jason schaefer
santa fe, NM

Jul 4, 2013 — As you all know the ban was voted down! Thanks to the large turn out at the City Hall meeting. An overwhelming amount of people spoke vehemently against this bill. It was inspiring to witness and extremely educational for the council men and women. The councilors saw how important collaboration is. Hopefully they will follow through with those sentiments and include the community and gun-educated citizens with the next proposal.
In the coming months and years we will be presented with similar legislative failures. It is very apparent that some people are not interested in firearms for any purpose. Thats ok, but we need to ensure they don't break our constitution, waste our money and time and install ineffective laws into our communities. Lets continue to educate ourselves and the ones around us.
Thanks again for signing the petition. All tallied we got over 800 signatures!


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