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City Council Votes Today on 10 round magazine limit!

jason schaefer
santa fe, NM

Jun 26, 2013 — The city council will be voting on this bill tonight June 26th at 7:00pm! Come join us at 200 Lincoln Ave in Santa Fe, show your support in opposition to this senseless bill.

This petition got a mention in the New Mexican! The interviews in that article had some alarming statements from Bushee and others. It has become alarmingly apparent that the councilor Bushee and many citizens of Santa Fe are clueless about how firearms are used and how to use them. We need a big push today to get as many signatures as possible! Please send this petition to friends, family, co-workers and post on your social sites! If you are talking about this proposal please ask people to go to the Outdoorsmans website and follow the link to this petition. Its important to get more signatures and increase awareness and education of firearms in this community!


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