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I am writing this petition to make sure that the criminals that have viciously attacked 3 teenagers by hitting them in the head with a hammer be held accountable for their actions.  It has been brought to my attention that one criminal is not currently in custody.  It has also been asked in court to let them rehabilitate on house arrest.

This is unacceptable.  What kind of example does this show towards our community?  Is this giving the green light for more crimes to be committed by minors because there will be a light sentence or "a slap on the wrist?"

Due to the violent nature of this crime I have decided to create this petition to protect my family, your families, and anyone else from experiencing this type of horrific crime.  These victims were left bleeding and unconscious after being struck in the back of the head with a hammer.  2 of them were sound asleep & wasn't given a choice to try and stay "down" so they wouldn't get hurt.  One victim was within minutes of losing his life.  He was airlifted to a trauma center and fortunately his life was saved.  He is still on the road to recovery as it was a serious head injury resulting in an induced coma & a part of his crushed skull removed. The other 2 had injuries that resulted in staples on the head, concussions, etc. 

It makes no sense to let these criminals go home to their families.  Or to have a home cooked meal. Or get to sleep in their beds after committing such a heinous violent crime. The victim who was airlifted wasn't able to go home with his family. Instead he had to spend an ample amount of time in ICU. These criminals hid what they did for weeks until someone was arrested.

I have raised my family here in Santa Cruz County and have lived in the Aptos area over 14 years.  It was amazing to see the community come together to help support Alex who was in an induced coma fighting for his life.

I am raising awareness to this case and to petition to #STOP YOUTH VIOLENCE!

It is unjust to let criminals go on house arrest or to not be in custody after almost killing someone and trying to hide it and get away with it.

Rehabilitation isn't going to happen if you just let these criminals back in the environment where they felt comfortable enough to commit this violent crime in the first place.

Seeking justice!  Please sign to assist in not sending these criminals back into the community without the punishment fitting the crime.  #STOPYOUTHVIOLENCE