The Bad Apple Bill

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-Thorough Criminal Background Check for Fired or Transferring Officers with any Police-Involved Record (with additional social media check, psychological test, & e-verify) to prevent trouble causing Officers from future hiring or transferring to other departments.

-All Police-Involved Records to be sent to a Federal Repository (Federal Database) to prevent troubled individuals in being on the force to be immediately investigated.

-Annoymous Police Call Line to help officers report other officers violating procedures and causing trouble for the department directly linked to (Internal Affairs) to help police feel safe reporting without worries of job security or retaliation from their department.

-Mandatory Psychological Exams every Three months throughout calendar year by a Third Party Psychiatrist to provide services for officers that need therapy and dealing with the hardships of duty, to provide emotional and mental health care for officers. All Exam results must be sent to Internal Affairs for records. 

-Reform Police Training that involves any detaining and apprehension of a Civilian/Public

-Advanced and Longer Extended Police Training, (Society Based Education: Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, African American Studies, Latin American Studies), to better understand the communities officers are policing, and Mandatory Four years of Training in the Police Academy.

-Eliminate Jury of Their Peers (To re-examine & rewrite protocols for police enforcement in communities.

-Any Pending Police-Involved Investigation any officer is suspended without pay.

-Any Police-Involved Investigation has a Mandatory DA Federal District Attorney to be the Primary overseer for unbiased Policing of Police

-Third Party Corner (Federal Level) for any Deadly Police-Involved Investigation to insure unbiased autopsy report

-Ban police from receiving any Military or Corporate Funding/Aid that attributes to Militarization of Police. 

-Federal Oversight Committee to look into the Relationship between Prisons & Police Departments, to Eliminate the Privatization of Prisons and Prison For Profit, that will help decrease Mass Incarnation in Prisons and End Excessive Policing in Communities.

-Make police promotions based off Non-Drug Related Crimes Decreasing in their area ( To Eliminate Quota System in Law Enforcement).

-Any Officer that Leaves Department by Resignation, Firing, or Criminal Conviction (Due to Criminal Investigation), Their Gun License/Certificate is Revoked (Eliminating Qualified Immunity). 

Purpose of The Bill

-Establish and Build a Trusting Relationship between Law Enforcement and the Community 

-Protect Law Enforcement from internal scrutiny and retaliation for reporting crimes/injustice within their department 

-Decrease Mass Incarnation 

-Eliminate Racial Profiling

-Eliminate Police Brutality/Excessive Force

-Eliminate Privatization of Prisons & Housing Prisoners for Profit

-Eliminate Qualified Immunity