Paint the Base of The U​.​C. Santa Cruz Campus with the Words: "Black Lives Matter"

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Dear Santa Cruz City Council, 

Due to the recent noose that was found by me, hanging at least 10 feet off the ground, on July 5th at 6:15 pm at the base of the U.C. Santa Cruz campus, this petition calls on you to take action. I call on you, the Santa Cruz City Council, to approve the painting of the words: “Black Lives Matter” at the intersection from where this noose was hung: where Empire Grade meets Bay Street and where High Street meets Glenn Coolidge Drive. These three very important words will cover the entirety of the intersection, in bright and thick yellow paint. 

The answer to the reason why this painting is necessary can be easily stated. The community that you serve is outraged that 4 individuals had the nerve to throw a noose hanging from one of the street signs of this intersection on the night of July 2nd. This is absolutely an atrocious action. Historically, the history of white supremacy in this country has, from it’s very beginning, sought out to silence and traumatize the voice of people of color, through means of police brutality, hangings, Jim Crow, the prison industrial complex and more. Most traumatically, blacks are the only group who can say that they have suffered, or even continued to suffer, through all of the before mentioned trauma’s. Therefore, to support this cause is to support black lives, and to remind Santa Cruz and the world as a whole, that white supremacy has NO place in our communities.

Thank you for your legal approval on this most necessary action.