Fight for a Safe and Strong Santa Clarita, NO to the proposed Patios Connection Project!

Fight for a Safe and Strong Santa Clarita, NO to the proposed Patios Connection Project!

March 5, 2020
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Started by Santa Clarita Safe and Strong

Westfield Developers and Costco are proposing to construct a massive 154,000 sq. ft. warehouse and mega 30-pump gas station at the site of the former Sears at Valencia Town Center Mall in Santa Clarita, next to thousands of homes, schools, a fire station and hospital.

We as residents have major concerns about the many negative impacts the proposed Patios Connection project will have on traffic, parking, air, noise and public safety in our neighborhood.

  • Proposal: Westfield developers and Costco have filed an application with the City to tear down the former Sears at Valencia Town Center mall to construct a 79 foot high, 154,000 sq. ft. Costco warehouse. The project also includes a mega 30-pump gas station, a 34,000 sq. ft. health and fitness center, a 32,000-sq. ft. cinema, 7,400 sq. ft. of retail and restaurant space and a 2,100-sq. ft. expansion of the existing Canyon music venue.
  • Traffic: The proposed Costco warehouse and mega gas station is expected to generate thousands of new car trips on Magic Mtn. Pkwy., Valencia Blvd. and local roads each DAY. And that doesn’t include the thousands of additional daily trips the proposed movie theater, fitness center and restaurants will also generate. This means longer commute times for all!
  • Parking: It is already a challenge to find parking during the week, let alone on weekends or the busy holiday season, at the Patios and Valencia Town Center Mall. The 275 roof-top parking spaces that are being proposed will not offset the parking being taken away by the new 30 pump gas station, larger (than Sears) building footprint, or the huge increase in demand from all of the new proposed retail. In fact, the project will result in 20% LESS parking than is needed and required by the City!
  • Impacts: In addition to traffic and parking, the proposed Patios Connection will negatively impact public safety (underground fuel tanks, fuel fumes/spills, multiple daily big truck fuel deliveries), emergency response times for the nearby hospital and fire station, and noise, air and light pollution, during construction, and once the businesses are in operation!  

Furthermore, the City and Costco have not done adequate studies or provided adequate mitigation solutions to resolve the traffic and many other impacts this project will create. They need to do the right thing and conduct a comprehensive Environmental Impact Report (EIR) BEFORE the project is approved so that neighbors will know the full impacts this project will have on our families and quality of life.

Please participate and Be HEARD! Join with your friends and neighbors in signing this petition and in attending the public meeting and City Council vote on Tuesday, April 14th at 6PM at City Hall in Santa Clarita.

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Signatures: 557Next Goal: 1,000
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