Do #BlackLivesMatter to SCU and the Santa Clara Police Department?

Do #BlackLivesMatter to SCU and the Santa Clara Police Department?

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Josephine Hulburd started this petition to Santa Clara University

Do #BlackLivesMatter to SCU and the Santa Clara Police Department?: Demand The Safety of Black SCU Students By Evaluating and Increasing Transparency Regarding SCU’s Relationship with SCPD

How can black students at Santa Clara University feel equally protected by the Santa Clara Police Department? They can't. 

After hearing endless testimonies and watching videos of countless Black people being harassed, beaten, and murdered, we are traumatized. We insist that the University reevaluates and communicates its relationship with the local police department and proves they will equally "protect and serve" vulnerable Black students. How can we have a relationship with a racist institution while preaching Jesuit values of social justice and the creation of a “more just, humane” world?

Here are our list of demands:

1. We demand full transparency of the nature of SCU’s relationship with the Santa Clara Police Department.
We pay over $54,000 per year. How many of those dollars are put in the hands of the SCPD? Are Black students paying to put themselves in danger? If so, we demand the receipts of our transactions.

2. We demand that the University use its influence in the community to obtain answers and solutions to the following questions:

  • How can SCPD prevent police brutality from happening on or around our campus?
  • What is SCPD doing to train police officers to be anti-racist and nonviolent against unarmed Black people?
  • What is SCPD doing to audit and combat the existence of white supremacy and racism on the force?
  • What is SCPD doing to hold their fellow police forces accountable for the instances of police brutality and murders happening across the country?
  • How can SCPD communicate the efforts of continuous racial sensitivity training to make Black students feel safe?

3. We demand that this be continual and constant effort of education, communication, and protection that persist long after #BlackLivesMatter stops trending. These demands are just the beginning and a small part of a long overdue movement. In the next steps, we would like to see a plan of action and continuous progress report of how the demands will be addressed.

Santa Clara University must be proactive in dismantling a system that was built to harm its Black students and faulty or else more Black lives will be lost. We ask SCU to be the one of the first of many schools that should change their relationship with their local police department and demand a new system that actively protects Black lives. 

If these demands seem unrealistic or unreasonable, we then ask you to evaluate and explain why you value the protection of police officer’s jobs over the protection of Black student lives. 

To show your support for the safety and protection Black students lives at Santa Clara University, sign this petition.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!