Reduce airplane noise at night

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The increase in airplane noise over our neighborhoods wasn’t by accident. The Federal Aviation Administration’s GPS-based NextGen landing system provides precision routing for greater safety at higher volume. In 10 years SFO traffic increased by 36%, but traffic over the midpeninsula increased 360% because of routing changes.

NextGen precision-landing can be used with a more positive impact for the public health issue of airplane noise, without compromising safety. Specifically, airplane noise at night can be reduced with over-the-Bay SFO arrival paths.

The cities of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz county and their congressional representatives established the SCSC Roundtable, a permanent aircraft noise mitigation entity. The charter is to represent citizens on this issue.

We, the local citizens, call on the SCSC Roundtable to vote in favor of a resolution demanding the FAA to propose 2 or more alternatives for nighttime SFO Arrivals, weather conditions permitting, that reduce measurable ground noise by routing over the San Francisco Bay. To give us our quiet nights back.