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*Justicenow42217No more murder-All lives matter!!

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My baby brother was murdered by a 15 yr. Old delinquent juvenile on 4 22 17, at Motel 6 on The Alameda in San Jose. Two others were also wounded, by the same person. The case was originally a Homicide until the D.A.s office. Claimed it was self defense. Self defense is when a person feels him or herself, property, or family is in immediate danger. Emptying a whole gun clip on individuals while running away and shooting someone to death is not self defense. It is MURDER.Premeditated murder when the suspect in this case is in a whole other county with a cocealed weapon which he does not reside in.. It is Murder when none of the victims had weapons on or near them. The suspect in this case has a violent gang member record. If this suspect was in such fear for himself or partner, of people he didn't know why didnt he take the time to call for help. Why because he was not in fear of his life or anyone's life for that matter it is clear that gun he possessed was meant to be used on someone if not To Murder my brother and attempt to Kill the other victims in this case.Otherwise why would a 15 yr. Old whos in a gang and on probation be in a whole other city from where he resides which is Fresno be all the way in San Jose with a Concealed weapon? Clearly because he was already in the mind frame to Murder someone else's child.The victims in this case were all in the San Jose Job Corps program, to better their lives. My brother Dominic Smith Jr was going to Orientation that Monday, he was on the Spartans Basketball Team, # 23  a number he will never get to turnJ ob Corps was the best thing my brother could do to better his life. Job Corps had not one negative thing to say about my brother Dominic. Who in a short amount of time touched many lives. My Brothers Basketball Jersey was hand delivered. like a professional to my Grandmother. But now because this cold hearted murderer killed my brother my family will never get a chance to celebrate with Dominic for his accomplishments he worked. So hard for. One of the other victims has to feel the pain of being almost Murdered himself every single day due to a lodged bullet in his chest, that cannot be removed. This 15 yr. Old gang banging murderer is roaming the streets while my family mourns the death of my brother Dominic Smith Jr, while another mother is hoping and praying that later on down the road her son doesn't die from the bullet the murderer put in him. My Grandmother raised us and Dominic was our only baby boy. My Grandmother is getting older and sicker and to know that her only grandson Dominic Smith was murdered by the hands of this 15 yr. Old gang member and not getting justice is making her more sick.The message young children are getting out of this crucial and heartbreaking case is that, It's ok if they are delinquent children, they're allowed to roam the streets with weapons, and if they're feeling big and bad its ok to hurt, kill, or murder someone, because they can claim self defense, maybe because of the age difference or race.. I personally do not care about race age or etc.. I care about getting justice for Dominic Smith jr. And the other victims as well. I care about getting Justice for people who were shot out of anger,hate, because of their personal appearences...I care about getting Justice for my brother who is silent forever now.. I care about Justice for my brother and the other 2 victims who had not a chance to defend themselves from this cold hearted 15 yr. Old delinquent because they had no weapons just feet to run and still be shot at and its unfortunate my brother the late Dominic Lashawn Smith jr.  had to continuously be shot at and murdered while trying to get to safety.  Justice needs to be served , so that murderers can be held accountable for taking human lives, peoples children, families love ones. In this case my brother was murdered cold blooded, and 2 others were wounded. Victims like my brother that are murdered in the way he was do not have a voice or a chance to tell their side of the story shouldn't be labeled as a non-victim. The murderer in this case is being charged a misdemeanor for having a concealed weapon. But what about those bullets that were shot from that gun after the so called self defense stage? That would be EXCESSIVE FORCE. Because shots are being fired at people who clearly are not posing a threat. For the 2 victims that survived, if the suspect emptied his clip trying to clearly kill them that night of 4 22 17how will the county of San Jose feel or any county for that matter feel if the 15 yr old gang banging murderer wanted to finish them off?  All he would have to do is what.. Claim self defense again because he knows he got away with it already. No I will not see anyone elses loved one get murdered or hurt by the weapon or hands of this murderer. We need justicenow.A human life was stolen, my brother Dominic, 2 other lives are shattered, the other victims. Families are hurt Emotionally.Mentally, and Physically . Families are in Severe distress, families of this crime are confused, the pain is deep ,the pain hurts as the tears flow from my grandmas eyes as the tears flow from my 9 year olds eyes saying it wasn't fair, tears flow from my sisters eyes , tears flow from our mothers eyes, as tears flow from my eyes and the eyes of all the lives Dominic Smith Jr touched. As the tear or tears that flowed from My Brother Dominics Eyes as he reached for his chest and wondering why did he just murder me when all i did was go to their room. I Banged on the door and i got pushed in...The D.A over this case needs to re evaluate the decision that was made unhumanly for this matter if we get justice now it wont take away the pain it wont even make. My brother come back and live ,love and laugh again. But it sure will hold the suspect accountable for taking a human life and trying to take 2 more. It will also let our communities know that the criminal system is thorough and considerate about human lives instead of money and rank status Justicenow42217 for my brother, for me would mean he's at peace now and he can rest knowing his name will be a legacy of how his life saved the many other lives that could have been taken by the same hands that pointed a gun at his back and shot him to death in cold blood after the fact.If we don't get justice now 4 22 17 our families will be in emotional torment for the lack of criminal conviction of a severe crime that took our baby boy Dominic Smith jr. If Justicenow is not served our communities will be aware that the county of santa clara has no disregard for human dignity and life, and has put other lives in danger by keeping a murderer as young as this suspect is out on the streets to possibly do the same thing because he feels he can get away with murder and attempted murder. Please help us get Justicenow.

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