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Montevina Road Stabilization & Repair

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Petition for Montevina Road Stabilization and Repair


To Whom It May Concern:

As of the date of this petition, Montevina Road and its community of residents are in trouble. Like many, our community has been hammered by strong winter storms, and our road is in danger of failure. Yet Montevina Road is unique. As a dead-end road, if access is lost due to road failure, residents would be trapped, unable to move to or from their homes, creating risks to health and safety as well as significant economic hardships. We remain at risk from two slides which threaten to undercut the road, and many of us worry how we will work, go to school, or even be able to put a roof over our heads should the road fail and access to our homes lost. And as taxpayers, we know that acting strongly to prevent a disaster is a good investment. The road will be much more expensive to fix after the next major storm.

This petition is a request for the County of Santa Clara to take action to protect our health and safety, as well as our economic well being. We are requesting the following action:

Immediate action to better stabilize the two mudslides which threaten to undercut Montevina Road. While we appreciate the hard work of county staff and maintenance crews, the actions taken to date have not been sufficient, and do not provide meaningful stabilization. We understand the need to wait for permanent repairs, however, the temporary measures taken to date on both the upper and lower slides are woefully inadequate and leave us at risk. Better temporary measures are desperately needed.

A plan to permanently repair the damage to our road once the rainy season has ended. We are requesting this plan be clearly communicated to the community, so that we can understand the timing and status of funding, design, construction, and other related activities. We believe engineering investigation and design work on the two undercut slides should begin now so that the road can be repaired over the summer. No one wants to be discussing this issue again next winter.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The Montevina Road Community

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