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Stop Toxic Pesticide Spraying for West Nile Virus in Santa Clara County

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Santa Clara County Vector Control has been conducting late night truck spraying of a pyrethroid-class pesticide (etofenprox) to target mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus (WNV). We ask that they stop this spraying for the following reasons:

·       Truck spraying is ineffective

·       Pyrethroid pesticides have poisoned people

·       Pyrethroid pesticides have been implicated in damaging unborn children

·       Exposure to multiple environmental toxins amplifies the health risk

·       Some people are more sensitive to toxins

·       People aren’t allowed to “opt out”

·       WNV is not a major human health concern

·       Pesticides can harm wildlife

·       Pesticides harm creatures that control mosquitoes

·       No Environmental Impact Report was completed

·       Americans have been sprayed with harmful chemicals many times before

We want Santa Clara County to stop spraying pesticides, complete an Environmental Impact Report, and encourage nontoxic mosquito control methods.

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